National Litter Strategy

11th April 2017

Following the government’s release of the first ever National Litter Strategy for England (NLSE), Anne Main MP has praised ministers for taking seriously the public’s concerns over dog-fouling and the wider problem of litter throughout the country. 

The MP for St Albans recently raised the issue of dog-fouling in anticipation of the government’s new strategy in parliament.  ‘I felt it timely to raise this issue before the release of the government’s comprehensive plan to tackle litter,’ said Mrs Main.  ‘I am pleased that following the debate dog-fouling is now a matter that the government takes seriously and has been incorporated into the wider litter strategy.’  

The NLSE recognises the problems associated with dog-fouling and the strength of feeling against those who do not properly dispose of their dog faeces.  ‘We know that people feel passionately about litter in their communities. When asked to rank different types of local environmental quality problems, people across the UK regularly place litter and dog‑fouling at the top of their priority lists’, the document reported. 

Anne said, ‘I recognise this picture locally.  People contact me about littering and the environment on a regular basis.  This is why I have been raising these issues in parliament and probing the government through questions in the House.’

‘Littering comes in many different guises whether it be dog fouling, fly-tipping; or cigarette ends and food packaging.  I hope the all-embracing strategy will properly tackle this form of anti-social vandalism.’

Communities minister, Marcus Jones, who responded to Anne’s debate in parliament said, ‘For local authorities, litter remains a significant financial burden. It costs them hundreds of millions of pounds every year to clear it up. They shouldn’t have to do this. Litter is an avoidable problem. It is simply not right that the behaviour of a selfish minority ends up spoiling our public spaces while imposing costs for local taxpayers.’

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